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The Ryeland takes its name from the rye lands of South Herefordshire. Rye was a staple food in the middle ages and the fields were used to provide winter and spring grazing for sheep.  The Ryeland sheep played a major part in the wool trade centred on Leominster in the 16th century.  It continued to be important both for wool and meat until this century. The breed was used extensively abroad and formed the basis of many of today's sheep lines. Unfortunately, with the rise in intensive farming and the fall in wool prices, it went out of favour.  It is making something of a comeback, however and is now no longer classified as a rare breed.  Your purchase will help support the continuing existence of this rare breed of sheep!

Click here to find out more about the Ryeland Flock Book and this rare breed of sheep.


A few Suffolk ewes

and another one.



We have also some Suffolk ewes, which we cross with a Hampshire Down ram (Hugo!).  We keep them on the far side of the railway.  If you happen to walk in that area, PLEASE keep to the footpath and do not go into the fields.



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