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St. Mary's, Buriton


We are here to worship God, welcome all, and grow together in faith and love.


Events, occasions, etc.

David Bee

David's funeral was the most moving occasion.  It was attended by Bishop Christopher, Archdeacon Gavin, those from the veterinary and choral worlds, the local and wider church, and many others, some 600 in total (although we lost count!), half of whom managed to find a place in the church.  The rest of us ignored the occasionally inclement weather outside as we were wrapped up in the service as broadcast by loudspeaker.  Our Rector, Reverend Will Hughes, explained that David had had no greater wish than to fill St. Mary's and now he had more than succeeded.  He will be missed greatly by us all.

To give a possibly unusual indication of the number of visitors to the parish, this is a photograph of the parking on the Recreation Ground.

Thank you to everyone involved in the organisation of everything.