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St. Mary's, Buriton


We are here to worship God, welcome all, and grow together in faith and love.


Gift Aid

Under the Gift Aid scheme, if a taxpayer makes a donation of any amount to a charity, such as the Church, then the government will refund the basic tax paid.  This means that every £1 donated becomes £1.25 for the Church!  Higher rate tax payers can elect to have the rest of the tax they paid donated also.  This applies to any donation or gift, whether regular, occasional or for a specific collection.  It will also replace existing covenants when they expire.


Under rules introduced in April 2013, all cash donations of 20 or less made at a service of 10 or more people will attract Gift Aid even if the donor has not filled in a form.  The PCC can claim Gift Aid for up to 8,000 of such donations.  Above this level (which might happen towards the end of a year, hopefully) or for any cash donations of over 20 or for cheques of any value, the yellow envelopes will have to be used.  They can be found in the church (but please remember to fill in your details - it's vital).


Otherwise, the process is easy:  if you want to donate regularly and you want the tax you paid to be refunded to the Church, then please fill in the Gift Aid Declaration;  and if you want to use a standing order rather than the weekly envelopes, then please fill in the standing order form for either the Unrestricted or the Restoration Fund.


An alternative would be to use the Parish Giving Scheme, which is co-ordinated by Gloucester Diocese; it is better because it claims the gift aid in the same month and so helps to improve our cash flow and to reduce our administration.


Obviously, it is nice to have income on a regular basis to help with budgeting but donations at any time are always welcome.  Please don't leave it just to others to help. 


In any case or for further information, please contact the Treasurer.





gift aid declaration


standing order form:  Unrestricted Fund


standing order form:  Restoration Fund